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Seabee Gold Operation

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The Seabee Gold Operation is located in the La Ronge Mining District at the north end of Laonil Lake approximately 125 kilometres northeast of the town of La Ronge, Saskatchewan and about 150 kilometres northwest of Flin Flon, Manitoba.

Topography of the region is characterized by low rocky ridges interspersed with lakes and muskeg. Temperature in the region typically ranges from -13 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 degrees Celsius) in January to 62 degrees Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius) in July. Mean annual precipitation is approximately 20 inches per year which includes snowfall from late October to mid-April. 

Access to the minesite is by fixed wing aircraft from La Ronge or Flin Flon to an airstrip located on the property. Equipment and bulky or heavier supplies are trucked to the site via a 60 kilometre winter road from Brabant Lake on Highway 102. The winter road is typically in use from January through March. 

The Seabee Gold Operation directly supports a workforce of approximately 355 employees with permanent camp facilities.  Electrical power is provided by a transmission line to the Operation by the provincial power authority, Saskatchewan Power Corporation.



2013 Underground Drilling Results from the Seabee Mine and the Santoy Mine Complex

The 2013 underground drilling program drilled approximately 50,000 metres in an on-going effort to expand and better define the Seabee Gold Operation’s current resource.

Highlights include (cut grade over true widths):

Seabee Mine:

·         Hole: U13-061: 13.16 g/t over 4.7 metres;

·         Hole: U13-066: 8.27 g/t over 7.8 metres;

·         Hole: U13-075: 12.23 g/t over 10.7 metres;

·         Hole: U13-076: 22.62 g/t over 6.1 metres;

·         Hole: U13-077: 23.58 g/t over 4.8 metres;

·         Hole: U13-087: 31.32 g/t over 2.5 metres;

·         Hole: U13-089: 49.02 g/t over 2.0 metres; and

·         Hole: U13-321: 31.54 g/t over 5.2 metres.

Santoy Mining Complex (Santoy 8 Mine and Santoy Gap Deposit):

·         Hole: SUG-13-905A: 13.28 g/t over 3.5 metres;

·         Hole: SUG-13-301: 17.32 g/t over 4.0 metres;

·         Hole: SUG-13-320: 9.64 g/t over 4.4 metres;

·         Hole: SUG-13-335: 10.34 g/t over 6.5 metres;

·         Hole: SUG-13-347: 13.90 g/t over 5.7 metres; and

·         Hole: SUG-13-355: 6.09 g/t over 8.5 metres.


Brian Skanderbeg, Senior Vice President and COO stated, “We continue to have great success in our on-going underground drill program at the Seabee Gold Operation. These results not only indicate the potential to mine higher grade tonnes but also demonstrate the opportunity and the long term viability that exists within and outside our current resources. Additionally, these results are located near current mining activities and require minimal capital and time to be included in the Company’s life of mine.”

In 2014, drilling at the Seabee Gold Operation will be focused on targets proximal to infrastructure with the potential to materially impact near-term production and to positively impact the Company’s Mineral Reserves and Mineral Resources. Underground drilling at the Seabee Gold Operation is anticipated to consist of 18,000 metres at the Seabee Mine and 34,000 metres at the Santoy Mining Complex. Specifically at Santoy Gap, the Company currently has two underground drill rigs that are active and are targeting to drill 27,000 metres in 2014. The Santoy Gap is expected to produce initial development ore during the second quarter and production ore in the fourth quarter. Completion of the Santoy Gap fresh-air vent raise, a key milestone to initiating production, is planned during the second quarter of 2014.

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Figure 1: Seabee Gold Mine Long Section (L62 Highlighted)

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Figure 2: Santoy Mine Complex Long Section

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